Creative Director

Josephine is a Melbourne based qualified graphic designer of over 14 years and has excelled in marketing and the signage space for over a decade of her working career.

She is a hard working mum to a beautiful little girl, Ayla, who is her daily inspiration across both personal and work life.

Her sister company, The Design Planner, was built in 2017 and is largely focused on providing custom signage and event styling for all the big milestones and events in your and your loved ones lives.

Josephine is a humble, down to earth individual, who works hard behind the scenes and loves creating beautiful events, alongside unique pieces for your nurseries, hearts & homes. She is always supporting small businesses, and understands the importance of styling, designing and ensuring the little ones in your life are well looked after.

She is a big believer that beautiful keepsakes should be readily available for you to treasure forever, and she is super excited for you to join her on this journey.

The Design Planner Kids is based in Melbourne, VIC, where everything is designed and cut in house at the Tullamarine warehouse.

She is forever thankful for your continued support and following her evolving journey as her business wouldn’t be the same without each and every one you by her side.

Sending love always,
J xx


So, what makes us different from the rest.

We LOVE to educate
We love a great nerdy sit down session to talk all things signage.
We’ve been in the design and signage game for over 10 years and educating is what we love to do!

We LOVE creative freedom
The rumours are true - we work better when we have creative freedom. As it seriously allows our Frontal Cortex to *simply* do the job it was designed to do.


We CHOOSE kindness
We don’t just choose it. We *whole-heartedly* spread it. And it’s simply one of our core KEY business values.



We VALUE our clients
We value your time, your instagram scroll time, the time you spend designing your kids rooms, and ALL your gorgeous children that use our products. We value you. We thank you, and we appreciate you more than you ever know.